The Scenario

Finding out you’re going to be a mom of twins brings with it a confluence of emotions: joy, elation, gratefulness, wonderment, and a little bit of terror thrown in for good measure.  There is also a fairly high degree of uncertainty tied to the experience.  Being a person who is wholly and unabashedly uncomfortable with uncertainty, I therefore aimed to bring a bit of structure to the questions that buzzed around my head each night the only way I know how – I made a plan.

One of my biggest question marks centered around the time frame immediately following delivery – what would I feel like?  How mobile would I be?  Just what does caring for two newborn babies entail?  And….would I still have time to cook dinner??  There are many things I am willing to leave to a degree of chance but food, food is not one of them, and thus the Squash Blossom freezer stocking endeavor of 2014 was born.  Christine, preparing to welcome a bundle of her own, was a willing and eager participant which only made the process even more fun.

The Planning

A quick google search landed me on The Kitchn’s Stock Up on Freezer Meals series which quickly became my go-to resource and from which I found several recipes that we ended up including.  Our first step was to create a master spreadsheet – here, Christine and I recorded the recipes we planned to make (the full list of which we’ll share in part II,) links to said recipes, planned dates for execution, # of servings we intended to make of each, and any reheating or serving instructions.  Subsequent tabs recorded grocery lists for each cooking day as well as general timelines.  The intent here was to create a working document that would serve as an inventory as well as reference should we desire to remake the recipes in the future.

The Execution

Kitchen counters heaped with ingredients and our phones blasting Pandora, we set out to divide and conquer.  We each took point on certain recipes and worked in tandem to create a flurry of delicious dishes that we carefully loaded into quart- and gallon-sized freezer bags, all to be tucked away in our freezers for future post-baby(ies) dates during which time would be of the essence and quick fuel would be of utmost importance.

The Result

Christine’s freezer stash was consumed with great success post birth of her sweet son and I do rest a bit easier at night knowing that, no matter how sleep-deprived and energy-drained I may become once the twins arrive, there. will. still. be dinner.  And that is a great feeling.

Freezer Stocking Series II: The Recipes

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